cosmic microwave

by Cosmic Microwave

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all songs are demos, i basically kinda improvised them all...kind of. i'm only 16 and only just started learning to play guitar so i am aware my music isn't professional and isn't supposed to be taken seriously. i do it just for fun. hope you like my mediocre music! hopefully in the future i'll start some kind of psychedelic rock band having much more experience and more skilled and all that but for now this is amateur stuff. also i made the album cover, and i plan on improving it, making a new one, in the future.


released July 6, 2016




Cosmic Microwave Mexico City, Mexico

hi i'm mariela i'm 17 yrs old and i make shitty songs to trip to

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Track Name: without your help
i want to grow
a garden
inside my mind
i want to grow
a forest
without your help
without your help (x?)
Track Name: no destination
took a dip in the swimming pool
took a ride inside your mind
the sun told me to quit my pride
the clouds told me to worry not
and as i stood there underneath the city lights
i let the wind take me far away
ooh ooh just keep riding with no destination (x2)
ooh ooh (x2)
Track Name: you'll be orange and i'll be blue
paint me like the clouds
so i don't realize
how ugly i am
smile until your cheek muscles hurt
brighten the world
listen to all the shit i say
'cause nobody really does
you'll be orange and i'll be blue
Track Name: alone and my existence fades again
flashes of memories i never lived
bounce on the walls of my mind
i can't seem to breathe in anything
but delusions that unbalance me from the ground
hiding in the bushes
watching the cars go by
through the green of a leaf
wishing one of them would stop to say hello
jumping between two realities
getting my foot stuck in one of them along the way
alone and my existence fades again (x3)