teen suicide blues

by Cosmic Microwave

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released February 2, 2017




Cosmic Microwave Mexico City, Mexico

hi i'm mariela i'm 17 yrs old and i make shitty songs to trip to

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Track Name: losing you
there are no lies when you're insane, my baby
there's no truth when you can't wake up, my baby

i'm not losing my mind, i'm losing you
no, i'm not losing myself

you can't expect
you can't expect for me to tell you
why my tears
why they fall down

i haven't lived for so long
but it's so easy
for me to say
i wanna die tonight, my baby

i'm not losing my mind, i'm losing you
i'm not losing myself, i'm losing you
Track Name: melancholia
watching the way rain falls from the clouds
i weep along to the rhythm of the weather
watching the way the world changes everyone
brainwashing them till they no longer know who they are
each day's the same, when will it end
i'm so tired of waking up every morning
Track Name: dim my light
lead me to war with your familiar grace
take me away, so far from here
i'll illuminate the way
my body's a walking daze
and if i block you from shining
then baby it's alright to dim my light
Track Name: i once got told
i once got told in a dream to never let myself fall asleep
i once got told in a trip to never let myself fall in love
i once got told that i should never believe anything
Track Name: childhood
when i was younger
so much younger
i would watch the rain
and i would dream away

and now i'm older
so much older
and i can't dream
the way i used to
back when i was
just a child

i want to go back (x3)
but i can't
not even in dreams
no, i can't
not even in sleep